Attending a Lose Weight Hypnotically seminar will provide you a number of insights and benefits. Gaining a true understanding of how the mind works and how the body weight is controlled. We will also guide you through a group hypnosis session. The seminar benefits include:

  • Gaining knowledge and understanding about weight loss

  • Motivation and Support:

  • Understanding Hypnosis Health Benefits

  • Personal Consultation With Experts

  • Examining Habits And Behaviors

  • Explaining Minerals And Nutrients

  • How to Exercise Without Exercising

  • Developing A Success Plan

  • Identifying Barriers To Weight Loss

  • Group Hypnosis Session 30 Minutes

Lose Weight Effortlessly With the Power of Hypnosis. This is a two part presentation teaching you mental and physical aspects of weight loss to achieve your desired weight loss goals. 

The program is based on discovering strategies both physical and mental with a simple step by step approach on how to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Our 7 step formula will teach you to go from slow metabolism that stores fat, to becoming a fat burning machine.

  • You’ll learn critically important concept on how to lose weight by eating more and not less.

  • Learn how to sleep better, by doing so increase fat loss and lose 24-36 lbs.  

  • Learn how to avoid foods that cause you fat storage and weight gain. These foods will prevent you from ever losing weight.

  • Discover the #1 reason why you gain weight and store fat and how to conquer it.

  • Discover simple exercise routines that work in the comfort of your own home with no gym required or fancy equipment.  

  • Most importantly, discover how we make the process fun so you can easily achieve all your goals and desires.

Will will also guide you through a 30 minute hypnosis session to take back control of your diet, eating habits and to reinforce all the outcomes you desire. 

You’ll leave with all the tools to create the new way of living…..Control and stop emotional eating.

Curb or eliminate foods that are causing weight gain.

Mind shift from the uneasiness of wonder if you can do this to the unstoppable confidence that you can.

 Become motivated to exercise and have more fun with it.

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Don’t panic. This isn’t hype or some complicated process, it is a super simple mind adjustment.


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Lose Weight Hypnotically is the first membership club for weight loss using hypnosis in the world. Based upon 20 years of experience, I will guide you to quick and easy weight loss success.The membership club means you can do more of what you like and less of what you don't like

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